What is Clubhouse App?

What comes to your mind when talking about social media apps? Normally, it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram where we send texts or make a video or photo posts and friends react or comment on them. Do you like to listen to someone talking or explaining something through audio? Then you need to try Clubhouse. So, what is Clubhouse App?  It is simply a voice only, invitation only social media app and It has become a popular social app in recent times. 

Moreover, the Clubhouse app started to become more popular after the involvement of two giants Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

The Clubhouse is just like hearing someone’s telephone call legally. It allows you to talk with people around the world, discuss ideas, deepen friendships, narrate stories, and meet new friends. The only images available in Clubhouse are the profile pictures  of users.

When did the Clubhouse launch?

Many apps just pop up and die with time. But Clubhouse has managed to improve its popularity. The Clubhouse app was initially launched in March 2020 while Covid19 was spreading in the USA. However, Alpha Exploration Co., released the app with more features in June 2021. The clubhouse was developed and launched by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. Alpha Exploration Co., runs this app. The founders describe Clubhouse as a ‘drop-in audio chat’.

What is available in Clubhouse?

The way you interact with people is totally different in Clubhouse. You get a list of virtual rooms after opening the app. You can join one of them concerning your preferences. Each room has a small group of speakers delivering speeches on relevant topics within the room. Others in the room are audience members who listen to the conversation at hand. All the discussions are taken only via audio.

You can’t share images, videos, or GIFs in Clubhouse. The only thing you can do is talking.

It is very easy to join a group. All you have to do is tap on the room. You can join or leave it at any time. You get into the rooms as an audience member. However, If you want to speak, then raise your hand. It does not sound like you need to raise your hand physically. There is an option in the app. Then the speakers will decide whether to give you the chance or not. Additionally, these clubhouse rooms are hosted by celebrities, journalists, venture capitalists, experts, and many others. Also, you can create your own room too.

The way to join the Clubhouse.

You need to follow a lengthy procedure in signing up to Clubhouse compared to other social media. It is still a growing app. The founders need to safeguard the security of the app.

You need to get an invitation from the Cloubhouse to join with it. Otherwise, you can’t use this app. So, it is better to find one of your friends who is already a member of the Clubhouse. Just download the app. Reserve a handle and enter your name into the waiting list. Then you need to wait until you receive an invitation. Once you get the invitation, you can log onto the account and proceed with the chat rooms.

Features of Clubhouse – What is Clubhouse app?

Availability of language filters

You need to know the language of discussions before engaging with room discussions. You can filter the languages in order to make your life easier with the app.

Invitation features in Clubhouse

Both users and clubs can invite more users to the Clubhouse. No one can’t use the clubhouse app without getting a link from a member. The app will broaden its boundaries in the future and let everyone join it.

Availability of themes

There is a list of themes divided into conversation topics covering everything from world affairs, UX Design, crypto art, tech, and faith and identity. So, it is easy to follow your interesting people, topics, and clubs.

Availability of live talks

The conversation rooms are available until each live talk takes place. No recordings will be there after the sessions. You will not find recordings even in the app again.

How to install the Clubhouse app?

You can install the Clubhouse app onto your iOS or Android devices. It is free to download. Just get it from the Apple app store or Google Play Store. There is no website for Clubhouse.

Top 06 benefits of Clubhouse than other social-media apps

  1. Clubhouse is only a voice app – Ideal for people who likes to share their views in voice mode
  2. Nobody can disturb during a conversation without the permission from room owner
  3. Comments, Likes and shares are not available so the privacy of the participants are assured
  4. Possibility to set up language filters – You are safe during the discussions from unwanted words
  5. Chat room owners can decide who to take on – No unwanted people in your discussion room
  6. Only live chat, no recordings available when the chat is over – Again, this will be a great benefit when it comes to privacy
  7. The sooner the app will be a great platform for business organization to talk to their customers 

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To Sum Up

Though Clubhouse has been a very recently found the social media app, it has managed to get the attention of the whole world. It is due to the famous characters like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Oprah Winfrey has joined clubhouse calls recently. You can use this app to make conversations with people across the world.

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