Health care professionals are your customers, “Pharma customers”

At the internal meetings, healthcare professionals should be referred to as “Customers” with the subordinates and other managers. True that is one of the most respectable professions in society. But, what you have forgotten is, they are your customers. Indeed, not only the doctors but the nurses and pharmacists are your customers too. So why don’t you call them “customers” during your internal discussions? By referring to them as customers, you open your mind to make more creative strategies and relax your marketing force to think freely and execute your plannings perfectly. Hence, remember to refer to them as your pharma customers.

Things you achieve by referring them as pharma customers

We are marketers despite the industry we are in. Yes, it’s an industry where we should highly stick to ethics. But we do not do any harm by thinking of them as our customers. It is to make our marketing effort more productive. Just check the following things, I am sure you would be more relaxed by calling them your customers rather than looking at them as medical professionals.

  1. More creative approach to your marketing efforts
  2. More relax when you do brainstorming
  3. Make your field staff comfortable to present the brand
  4. “Customer” give you more emotional space rather than a rational approach
  5. You work at maximizing the ROI as you work for a commercial corporate

If you evaluate properly why pharma marketing has a more conservative approach to the marketing strategies than the other industries is having to look at the customer more technically. Referring to the customer as medical professionals, you lose your creative approach to them. 

Things you achieve by referring them as pharma customers

You never succeed at your brainstorming session when you go there with a narrow mindset. Further, don’t trick your free emotional mind by referring to your customer as medical professionals. Keep it relaxed for broader effective thinking.

You might have weak ROI from each call to the customer, in personal selling, communication decides whether customers buy your story or not. So in most cases, bad communication costs a lot. When marketing field forces see pharma customers as strange and superpower medical professionals their presentation or communication would lag.

In marketing, a rational approach targets the customer’s conscious mind whereas, emotional stories attract into the customer’s subconscious mind which plants your brand message for a long time. If you like to read more about marketing storytelling click here.

We are in the ethical business scope but still a commercial corporation and we aim at maximizing the shareholder value that is our ultimate goal. Hence, for long-term success, our organizations require better ROI. So why don’t we treat them as our customers?

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