How to build a buyer persona for pharma customer

First of all, what is a buyer persona or marketing persona? Buyer persona is a fictional depiction of your real customer. A proper buyer persona helps you to understand your potential customer and prepare the marketing campaign accordingly. Further, if you operate for a well defined buyer persona you will not waste your precious resources. However, how to build a buyer persona for pharma customers? There is no difference, pharma customers are also human beings. Read further I will tell you what exactly you should do. Find them step by step. 

1st Step – Do surveys through all possible routes

  • Surveys through interviews or discussions – While in the conversation we would find many views about the customer.
  • Through customer data – You may be able to collect the data from many traditional ways such as through pharmacies and staff of the institutes.
  • Use social media to collect the data – Facebook or Instagram would give you more inputs such as interests, school, university, customer joined clubs, groups, political views, sports etc.

2nd Step – Prepare a own persona data set or adopt into a template

3rd Step – Fill the set of data areas from the collected data

4th Step – Analyze the prospect with available data   

10 Benefits of preparing buyer persona for pharma customers

  1. Possibility divide your customers or prospects into segments according the persona
  2. Enable extreme target into the right prospect
  3. Reduce resources waste due to extreme target of the marketing campaign
  4. Activity bundles for similar types of prospects – Ex. one campaign for 1 segment 
  5. Understand the customer’s current level in the purchase funnel
  6. Possibility to customized the activity content according to the each prospect’s interests
  7. Ability to use trending promotional channels such as social media
  8. Make clubs with like minded prospects
  9. You can train your promotional team according to each persona to convince them
  10. Delight the customer with greater service experience because your promotional team fully understood and well prepared for the customer visit

Buyer persona template 

buyer persona for pharma customers
Buyer persona template

Things to consider when you prepare a buyer persona for pharma customers   

Unlike general customers, pharma customers have different socioeconomic classes, interests and lifestyles. So as marketers we should understand their psychic factors to prepare a buyer persona. 

Especially the things like their high school, medical faculty, their speciality in medical subjects (Cardio, Gynecology etc). Also, attached clubs and groups, social media interests, events like to join, family information and their holiday destinations. Those factors would give you 360 degree evaluation about your prospect or customer.

To conclude, analyze the customer based on all the data that is included in buyer persona. Now, you may be able to create marketing campaigns for similar prospects. Indeed, you would end with a few buyer personas. Those a few personas may include number of your customers or prospects. Because buyer persona helps you to pool or segment the large number of customers. Found similarities will help you to do so.           

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