How to become a great sales representative?

The answer to the question, How to become a great sales representative is being animated in front of the customer. In the pharmaceutical industry, we call them medical representatives. But we all do sales generation through customer visits. So the answer is being animated. Indeed, animation would be a great quality to possess for a marketing or sale person.

What to be animated?

Whole your body language should be animated. So, starting from your mouth, eyes, even your flesh on the face to your hands and legs. Well, here are the five areas to be animated or expressive. 

01. Animated voice

02. Expressive facial language or facial expressions

03. Actively and engaging listening 

04. Expressive hand moments 

05. Dynamic posture 

How to become a great sales representative? – Animated voice

What is animated voice? Just recall somebody who you love to listen to. Also, now think again why do you like to listen to the person? Indeed, you may like that person’s voice or the way he pronounces them or the art of his talking. Same way, There are some people we don’t like to listen to. 

If you go back to your college time, you can recall a few lecturers who are terrible to listen. Reasons might be, boring-sounding, lethargic vocal expressions, zero voice modulations and the style of talking.

In conclusion, we always love to listen to people who have an expressive voice tone and style. Especially, despite the content sometimes we listen to them due to the way of presenting. Sales script or the content should be great as well as vocal presentation. So, to become a great salesperson, he or she should follow the below steps.

  • Practice the voice modulation
  • Keep engaging tone
  • Clarity of the words – make sure every word properly pronounced
  • Emphasize required phrases or words
  • Repeat required phrases and words
  • Separate the sentence, stop the sentence when requiring
  • Use adjectives to make it precise and beautiful  
  • Talk to human to human (Use You, He, She, Them and I)

Facial expressions

Facial expressions to be a great sales representative
Facial expressions to be a great sales representative

The animated face is a special element that you can use instead of thousands of words. Further, you give the first impression is from your face.

How you can use the eyes for this purpose? We all are gifted great organ to express our emotions. You might think, we aren’t models or actresses to do those. Well, not necessary at all, just do as you emotionally react to the moments in your personal life. So, in front of your customer also let it be entirely natural.

For instance, let’s take the moment you greet your customer. What if, your greeting is just a few words without the proper emotion in it. Indeed, your customer may feel, you have no genuineness in your greeting. Finally, you create an odd atmosphere before your conversation, and you ruin the entire customer call.

Though you don’t pay much attention to your facial muscle, they are one major factor that supports you for a productive conversation. Relaxed and flexible muscles bring liveliness to your face. Additionally, facial muscles help you to show conversational modes. Especially, modes such as surprise, doubt, agreement or disagreement, happiness and sadness. Aren’t those the engaging reaction in a dialogue?   

How to become a great sales representative? – Actively and engaging listening

Listen to your customer actively while supporting to carry on the conversation is animated listening. If you are a great active listener, your customer will love to have a conversation with you. This is one of the best things to master to be a great sales representative. 

Just forget the customers, a person who has a great sense of listening actively attract great humans. If you are a great listener, you will have the privilege of associating with good friends, professionals, and experts. Also, you will receive their advice and essence to life for a better life.

Interestingly, you would find more people who love to talk without stopping. But very few people love to listen actively. So, you better master both qualities to become a great sales representative or presenter. I like to give a few Do’s and Don’ts to be an active and resultful listener.  


  • Show that you like to hang around with the customer or simply show the interest
  • Participate in the customer’s speech and make it a discussion
  • Be agree or if you cannot agree be independent for the customer’s view
  • Include a few facts or idea when customer speak to be engaged
  • Give your facial expression for each sentence when customer speak


  • Do not keep an empty face
  • Losing eye contact would stop the chat
  • Never turn the topic to something else unless your customer do so
  • Don’t try to show that you are the expert on that topic
  • Adding unwanted things into the chat will disturb to customer’s flow 

Hope the above points will help you to be the best sales or a medical representative.

Expressive hand moments

This is a well-known fact that you can use your hands to show many emotions you are in. That may be a soft or hard moment. So, when you are promoting a product, hand moments will help you to give confidence to the customer. Also, hands help to keep the customer focus on your brochure or product.

Additionally, the presenter or salespersons should be more careful not to disturb the conversation with the wrong hands moment. Hand moment should be closer to your body and use them to illustrate related information to the dialogue. 

Here are a few benefits you receive from proper hand moments between a conversation or for sales promotion directly to the customer. 

  • Facilitate to keep the customer concentration on the conversation
  • Hand moments help to give 3D animation into a verbal dialogue
  • Help to present your story or the product with more liveliness
  • Hand moments can emphasize the statement

Dynamic posture

In face-to-face promotional or direct marketing, the salesperson’s personality is an important element. Because the salesperson becomes the representative for the company and the product. The customer sees the product or the brand through the salesperson. Hence, the sales representative is a highly influential factor for the brand image and identity.

Especially in the pharmaceutical field, 80% of brand personality is built through a medical representative. So, posture is one of the major factors that make a person’s overall body language. A person’s level of confidence and positivity relies on his or her posture.

Dynamic body posture supports all the above-mentioned animations. Also, it brings pleasing emotion to the customer. Hence, adjust your body posture to be a great sales representative and find the below advantages. 

  • Dynamic posture helps to build authority for you in front of the customer
  • Improve your confidence level to get the conversion
  • Help you to create a pleasing environment for a proper conversation
  • You grab the customer attention for a great sales call

I covered the major areas of how to become a great sales representative question. Animated or expressive would be one key element to have great contacts.

However, your sales script or the story also important for better conversions. Read our storytelling article here.

For years the expressive quality of a salesperson remains a critical point in direct marketing or face-to-face promotions. Finally, we expect to build up a great conversation between the representative and the customer. When the customer becomes a speaker motivate him to talk more. Also, when the representative becomes the speaker encourages the customer to listen actively. That’s the only way to become a great sales representative.                        

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