7 steps to bring creativity for pharma marketing

Creativity for pharma marketing is limited, that is the thinking most of our marketers have. But, if you try creativity has no limit. Perhaps you might think, “but I am not creative at all”. Nope, we are creative but that depends on the effort you put into a particular subject. 

Creativity comes through a process. However, you should generate them in your mind with an external stimulus. Read through the article, you would find the guidance for all the above.

Literally, how to use creativity for pharmaceutical marketing? That’s a mind game. For the simple answer, follow the below seven steps. 

Step 1 – Forget that you are in a regulated industry. 

Step 2 – Let ideas freely flow into the mind, maybe even wild ones. Collect them.

Step 3 – Write them on a piece of paper 

Step 4 – Spend at least 2 weeks with these free ideas, find at least 05 creative and unique ideas 

Step 5 – Now choose the 3 best ideas

Step 6 – Shape them and mould them to be compatible with the pharmaceutical industry

Step 7 – Meet your fellow people in the office and get their opinions for further editing to assure you are not violating a single regulation     

How to generate creative ideas for a particular subject?

How to generate creative ideas for a particular subject
How to generate creative ideas for a particular subject

As I mentioned above, generating creative idea from the mind is a process. You should put reasonable effort and the desire to do so. Try this process next time when you want to use creativity in your work.

  1. Study the particular task for 2-3 days or just live with it – Read more materials online, see few related images through Google and watch a few videos.
  2. Put a hard effort to generate something from all you collected in the above stage and continue it for 2 to 3 days.
  3. Rest for few days – keep your mind away from the subject, do all your hobbies. Listen to music, watch films whatever you like. While you are resting you will suddenly get a new idea for your task.     

This is only a supplement paragraph under this article but you would find more online articles related to idea generation. Let’s come back to our discussion. 

Why you need creativity for pharma marketing?

As a marketer, you may want to use your creativity on many occasions. Such as, 

  1. Prepare marketing plans
  2. For a quick marketing campaign under the current new normal situation
  3. To design a specific marketing activity
  4. Develop a brochure
  5. To give a creative solution for burning marketing issue such as visits to medical professionals in the post-pandemic world through the restrictions

Creativity will make you different in a red ocean. Perhaps, your product concept may be old but still, with a new wrapping, you could survive for a few more years. I have personally experienced even old generics could bring you remarkable revenue with a new and creative marketing campaign.

Creativity for pharma marketing is not an impossible task as you think. It is possible but with marketers’ effort on re-modelling their mindset on pharmaceutical marketing. Also, they should start to think that the pharmaceutical industry has human customers too though there are medical professionals. Read our article about pharma marketers.

Give your valuable suggestions and ideas on our articles. Share them with your social groups for the colleagues to read.      

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