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Marketing field force in the sense marketing staff of a pharmaceutical company. Each individual organization has given them different designations. The designation may be either Medical Representative,  Medical Delegate, Product Delegate or Product Specialist. However, all of them are our frontline the most valuable asset who generate the sales for the company.

Currently, most pharmaceutical companies’ only promotional strategy is direct marketing through their field force. So you must be understanding how important the marketing field staff for a pharma company. Pharma customers see the company through their voice and face. So, I hope my explanation emphasizes the necessity of managing this human asset timely and wisely.

It is the organization’s responsibility to educate the medical marketing staff according to the merging marketing era of the world. Management or marketers should understand the customers’ influential circle in the current world. According to that management should train them, equip them and develop them to bring the highest outcome from the promotional strategies.

We have seen many new product launches fails due to low skill field force. Specially pharma new startups fail to survive in the long run due to poor management of marketing staff.

As we all are aware that marketing staff should have three qualities to be successful. Product knowledge, skills and attitudes are those qualities. But only those three qualities will never ensure the productivity of your sales staff. In fact, there should be a proper working environment to gather themselves to work towards the firm’s success.

One thing to remember medical marketing staff is the first customer of a pharma company.

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